Graph showing the multiplex function of Montana Molecular's bright red and green fluorescent sensors.

Bright Red and Green Fluorescent Sensors


Robust Assays in Living Cells

» Easy assay steps – No cell lysis
» BacMam delivery to most cell types
» Fluorescence imaging or plate reader detection (Z’ > 0.8)
» Physiologically-relevant and cell friendly
» No forskolin or IBMX needed
» No enzymes or co-factors
» Multiplex GPCR Assays: Gs, Gq, Gi, Voltage

Simultaneous measurements of GPCR signaling in live HEK 293 cells. Green sensors in the top panels, red sensors in the bottom panels. M1 muscarinic receptor activated by carbachol.

Recent discoveries using our live cell fluorescent sensors:

Fluorescent Assays for Live Cell Discovery