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#C0506N Cre Recombinase

Expresses Cre. Synapsin Promoter. Other promoters are available, please inquire!

Cre Recombinase in a BacMam viral vector. Co-express with any floxed gene for targeted / cre-dependent expression. Cell specific promoters available.

Materials in the Kit:

• Cre Recombinase BacMam (Synapsin Promoter)

• Sodium Butyrate


Product Info & Protocols

Protocol for Use

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We strive for prompt delivery of each order, so we ship by FedEx 2-day service in lightweight, sturdy, and reusable packaging with an insulated cooler and moisture-resistant refrigerant gel packs. Shipping days are Mon-Wed so product does not sit in transit over the weekend. Web store ships to US & Canada only, contact sales for other locations. Purchases over $600 receive free shipping.


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Kit Volume



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