cADDis: Detect cAMP in Living Cells in Real Time

  • Measure kinetic responses
  • Choose red or green fluorescent sensors
  • No cell lysis required
  • Combine with Ca2+ or DAG sensors for simultaneous pathway readout
  • Viral delivery to primary cells, iPSCs, or standard cell lines

Our green fluorescent cADDis sensor in HEK293 cells responding to a selective agonist for the endogenous β2 adrenergic receptor (iso.)

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cADDis BacMam Kits

US & Canada Prices:
10 mL … $595
30 mL … $1195
60 mL … $1795

Outside the US & Canada? Please check with regional distributors for local pricing.

Plate Reader or Microscope Compatible

Kinetics or Dose Response

Monitor Dynamic cAMP Levels

cADDis is fully reversible

Easy to Detect

Detect Gs or Gi-mediated signaling

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                HEK293, BacMam vector



Live imaging of transduced HA1800: cADDis Assay showing robust expression in human astrocytes during research at Montana State University Department of Microbiology & Immunology



Protocols can be found in our main menu across the top of the page or by clicking the link below:

•  Green cADDis cAMP Protocol

•  cADDis for Gi Protocol

•  Cilia-Targeted cADDis cAMP Protocol

•  Red cADDis cAMP Protocol Read about BacMam expression in different cell types


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In your cADDis Kit:

  • 10, 30, or 60 mL of Sensor
  • HDAC Inhibitor
  • Agonist Controls
  • GPCR Receptor Controls
  • Gi Kit contains active Gs

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