ArcLight Voltage Sensor

A genetically-encoded, fluorescent voltage sensing protein in a BacMam viral delivery system is a noninvasive, easy-to-use tool for studying the electrical activity of live neurons. To learn more about the development of voltage sensors, take some time to visit Vincent Pieribone’s wonderful pages dedicated to fluorogenic voltage sensors.

Visualizing electrical activity in cells using GFP-based voltage probe ArcLight

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ArcLight Voltage Sensor BacMam Kits

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10 mL … $595


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Large change in fluorescence intensity

Detect single action potentials

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Protocols can be found in our main menu across the top of the page or by clicking the link below:

ArcLight Voltage Sensor MSDS

In your ArcLight kit:

  • 10, 30, or 60 mL of Sensor
  • HDAC Inhibitor
  • Agonist Controls

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