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Drug Discovery & Screening

Optimize your leads, run second order screens, conduct SAR studies, and introduce drug targets to your cells.

Fluorescent assays and BacMam-packaged drug targets are powerful tools in the drug discovery process, particularly in secondary screens and lead optimization. These are single color, kinetic, fluorescence intensity-based assays (non-FRET) with high compatibility on fluorescent plate readers.

Hit Prioritization & Lead Optimization

Monitor signaling responses over time and capture kinetics in living cells. Kinetic analysis enables good estimates of efficacy, potency, and target engagement. Compare hit compounds and dose responses over time, examining changes in kinetics and initial rate.
Microdomain-targeted sensors are available for increased spatial resolution. Plasma membrane, nucleus, and cilia targeted cAMP sensors are available now, as is a plasma membrane-DAG sensor.
Learn more about our GPCR Signaling Assays, Beta-Arrestin Assays, and Cell Stress Assays.

Screening in Disease Relevant Cells

Characterize compounds in living cells relevant to disease, by detecting endogenous or over-expressed receptor signaling. Our assays are packaged in BacMam and have been validated in a wide variety of cell lines, primary cells, and iPSC derived cells – including macrophages, neurons, cardiomyocytes, and pancreatic islets.  Please reach out to us if you would like to test our assays in your cell type, our technical support team is happy to help you get started.


cADDis cAMP sensor expressing in primary striatal neurons

cADDis in BrainXell’s iPSC derived motor neurons

cADDis in a pancreatic islet

R-GECO in Ncardia’s Cor.4U 

DAG sensor in Jurkats

Detecting Multiple Pathways

Our red and green assays can be combined  in the same cells to detect simultaneous signals. Determine the pathways your compounds interact with or detect off-target pathway activation.

Drug Targets in BacMam

We offer a custom BacMam packaging service for a simple, effective way to introduce receptors, ion channels, and other genetic constructs into cells. BacMam provides very even expression from cell-to-cell and well-to-well, has a larger payload than other viral vectors, and is more versatile and less expensive than developing a stable line. Large batches of BacMam-transduced cells can be added directly to your compounds of interest. 

To request a quote or discuss packaging of your construct in BacMam, please email

Green Downward DAG sensor in HEK293T cells.

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If you have any questions about using these tools in your cells or would like to request a quote, send us an email at We’re happy to help!