Imagine looking at primary cultures of mixed cell types from the brain of a mouse model of Huntington’s, or Parkinson’s disease. Most of the cells are healthy, however a small percentage, at any particular moment, are stressed by the protein products of their mutant allele and you can see these cells because they are bright green.  Monitor cell signaling simultaneously with a red fluorescent sensor for Ca2+, cAMP, or DAG. Screen for drugs that reverse stress by detecting fluorescence loss.
  • BacMam vectors for efficient delivery to primary or iPSC-derived neurons.
  • Targeting to microdomains and specific neuronal cell types.
  • Monitor disrupted signaling pathways and cell stress simultaneously.
  • Choose ratiometric or intensity measurements.
  • Monitor fluorescence changes on an automated plate reader or imaging system.
Ncardia Peri.4u iPSC-derived peripheral neurons expressing the green fluorescent cell stress assay.

Neurodegeneration-relevant assays