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G-Protein Receptor Signaling Kinetics and Biased Agonism

Differential Effects of GRK2 and GRK5 on Arrestin Recruitment Kinetics

Using receptor kinetics to quantitatively measure agonist bias at G-protein coupled receptors

Real-time kinetic analysis of GPCR signaling in stable PathHunter® cell lines

PDE Specificity Illuminated: Monitoring cGMP and cAMP Levels in Living Cells

New Fluorescent Tools to Monitor Cell Stress & Toxicity

Measuring dynamic and real-time cAMP levels using cADDis, a live-cell indicator for Gs and Gi signaling

Measuring Signal Transduction in iPSC derived Cardiac Myocytes

Measuring biased agonism with a kinetic analysis platform for real time data from fluorescent biosensors

Coloring β-arrestin signaling green, and G-protein signaling red, a new live cell assay for quantitatively measuring agonist bias at seven transmembrane domain receptors.