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BPS 2020 Annual Meeting

We're hosting a booth (#121) and poster at BPS 2020 Annual Meeting in San Diego this week: Poster Presentation 2232-Pos, Board B502 Neurodegenerative Disease and cAMP Signaling Dynamics Tues. Feb. 18,  2:45-3:45 PM Company About Us News Contact Us Careers Connect with...

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SLAS 2020 International Conference & Exhibition

We're hosting a booth and poster at SLAS 2020 International Conference & Exhibition in San Diego this week: Poster Presentation 1018-D Live Cell Assays Reveal New Patterns of Cell Signaling in Neurodegenerative Mutants Tues. Jan 28 5:00-6:00 PM Company About Us...

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Society for Neuroscience 2019 – Poster Presentation

We know it’s early in the morning, and late in the #SfN2019 week, but don’t miss your chance to meet up with Scott Martinka, Senior Scientist and assay developer at Montana Molecular.  Ask Scott to tell you all about this new kinetic method for measuring...

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Discovery On Target – Boston 2019

The latest developments in GPCR-Based Drug Discovery is coming to Discovery on Target in Boston this week! Learn about kinetic analysis and why monitoring GPCR signaling dynamics is so important. Quantify biased agonism reliably.  Meet Sam Hoare from Pharmechanics and...

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Targeting the Primary Cilium

Targeting the primary cilium  The primary cilium is an incredibly fine process that protrudes from the apical surface of cells.  Most cells have a primary cilium, though it temporarily vanishes during mitosis.  For many years the primary cilia were largely neglected,...

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Lee Lab illuminates cAMP signaling in macrophages

The Lee Lab at University of Pennsylvania is a diverse group of cell biologists who combine their unique scientific perspectives to the better understanding of airway disease physiology and taste perception. In other words, this lab knows the nose and is enthusiastic...

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