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Montana Paintbrush

Montana Paintbrush RFP expressed in HEK293 cells

Montana Paintbrush (Paintbrush, MT Paintbrush) is a bright, rapidly folding red fluorescent protein developed at Montana Molecular. It is nearly twice as bright as mCherry 24 hours after transduction as seen in Figure 1 below.

Figure comparing brightness of HEK cells expressing mCherry and Montana Paintbrush RFPs

Figure 1: Fluorescence AU from HEK293 cells expressing either Montana Paintbrush or mCherry red florescent proteins. BacMam was used to express both proteins and protocol, vector, and titer were matched.

MT Paintbrush’s excitation/emission spectra are compatible with typical RFP detection settings and coexpression with green fluorescent constructs. The spectra can be seen in Figure 2.

Montana Paintbrush ex/em spectra

Figure 2: Excitation and Emission spectra for the Montana Paintbrush RFP

Keep an eye out for new tools utilizing this new protein, including red fluorescent cell painting tools and new assays to detect cell stress.

Interested in tagging or coexpressing your GPCR, ion channel, or other protein with Montana paintbrush? Montana molecular offers custom BacMam production as a service to give you the right tools for your experiments. Please reach out, we’d love to discuss your ideas!

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