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Live Cell PIP2 Assays

Green or Red Fluorescent PIP2 Assays

  • Bright fluorescent PIP2 sensor
  • Real time kinetic assay
  • Robust expression in a variety of cell types

PIP2 Assay Performance

  • Genetically-encoded for low toxicity
  • PIP2 sensor and controls are packaged in BSL-1 BacMam vector for efficient expression in a variety of cells
  • Single channel readout can be combined with additional GPCR assays
  • Real time kinetic readout

Multiplex Assays

Combine red and green sensors to measure multiple GPCR pathways simultaneously

Simple Protocol


    • No cell lysis
    • Single channel readout
    • BSL-1 Vector
    • Controlled expression levels

GPCR Biology

Increase your understanding of drug effects and GPCR biology with bright fluorescent assays for Gs, Gi, and Gq signaling in living cells.

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