Live Cell DAG Assay Kit

Our DAG Assay is a simple and effective way to measure in diacylglycerol signaling in real time. This genetically-encoded fluorescent sensor is available in both red or green versions, can be expressed in a variety of cell types for plate reader or imaging applications.

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Bright Fluorescent Biosensors for DAG

  • Genetically-encoded for low toxicity
  • Plate reader or imaging system compatible
  • Choose red or green fluorescence

Red DAG sensor multiplexed with a green cAMP sensor indicates dose-dependent signaling via a calcitonin receptor.

Multiplex Assays

DAG Assay Performance

Off the shelf kits include the DAG sensor in BacMam, a BSL-1 viral vector for efficient delivery to most cell types. Purified BacMam, AAV, Lenti vectors by request.

  • Easily detectable on plate readers or imaging systems
  • Consistent well-to-well expression
  • High signal-to-noise ratio

A Robust & Versatile DAG Assay Kit

  • Detect diacylglycerol increases in real time
  • Screen Gq coupled GPCRs in living cells
  • Viral vector delivery to practically any cell type
  • Target to microdomains or specific cells in mixed cultures

Simple Protocol

  • Minimal liquid handling
  • No cell lysis
  • 96 or 384 well compatible

Multiplex GPCR Assays:

Combine the red or green DAG sensor with another GPCR assay to measure multiple second messengers simultaneously

  • Red or green sensor version
  • Single channel, non-FRET signal
Multiplex DAG and PIP2

DAG assay

Multiplex DAG and Calcium

Multiplex DAG and cAMP

Multiplex cAMP DAG

“Assay is working beautifully with cardiomyocytes, showing a strong and immediate response.”

Kit Werley

Harvard University / Q-State Biosciences

Expression in human islets is pretty superb, after 18 hours of incubation. An excellent probe! 

Dr. Andrei Tarasov

Oxford Center for Diabetes

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