Cell Signaling Assays


Cell Signaling Assays

  • Red and/or green fluorescent sensors for cAMP, DAG, Arrestin, Ca2+, PIP2, cGMP
  • Measure single timepoints or kinetic responses.
  • Understand ligand bias with multiplex measurements in a single assay.
  • Monitor fluorescence changes on automated plate readers or imaging systems.
  • Viral delivery to disease-relevant cells.
  • Compatible with use in stable lines.
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Monitor cGMP production or phosphodiesterase inhibition in living cells

Monitor Ca2+ in Living Cells with GECO

GECO Calcium Assays

GECO is a simple and effective assay for detecting Ca2+ changes in living cells


Monitor cAMP in Living Cells with cADDis

cADDis Assays

cADDIs is a simple and effective assay for detecting cAMP changes in living cells. cADDis is available as decreasing in fluorescence (Down cADDis) or increasing in fluorescence (Up cADDis). Use cADDis to detect  the production of cAMP via Gs-coupled GPCRs or inhibition of cAMP production via Gi-coupled GPCRs.

Monitor PIP2 in Living Cells

PIP2 Assays

Monitor DAG in Living Cells

DAG Assays

DAG biosensors are available as decreasing in fluorescence (Down DAG) or increasing in fluorescence (Up DAG). Both versions indicate increases in diacylglycerol in living cells.