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Cell Signaling Assays


Cell Signaling Assays

  • Red and/or green fluorescent sensors for cAMP, DAG, Arrestin, Ca2+, PIP2, cGMP
  • Measure single timepoints or kinetic responses.
  • Understand ligand bias with multiplex measurements in a single assay.
  • Monitor fluorescence changes on automated plate readers or imaging systems.
  • Viral delivery to disease-relevant cells.
  • Compatible with use in stable lines.
  • Get a quote for AAV or lenti vectors

Monitor cGMP production or phosphodiesterase inhibition in living cells

Monitor Ca2+ in Living Cells with GECO

GECO Calcium Assays

GECO is a simple and effective assay for detecting Ca2+ changes in living cells

R-GECO Ca2+ Assay

DAG Assays

DAG biosensors are available as decreasing in fluorescence (Down DAG) or increasing in fluorescence (Up DAG). Both versions indicate increases in diacylglycerol in living cells.

DAG Assay