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Live Cell Calcium Assay Kit – GECO

Real time kinetic Ca2+ sensor for fluorescent plate readers and imaging systems.

The GECO assays (R-GECO, G-GECO) are fluorescent calcium assays for real time kinetic readouts. This genetically encoded fluorescent sensor is available in both red or green versions, can be expressed in a variety of cell types for plate reader or imaging applications. Developed by Robert Campbell’s lab at University of Alberta, Montana Molecular packages these calcium sensors in viral vectors for robust expression in your favorite cells.

GECO Assay Performance

Off the shelf kits include the GECO sensor in BacMam, a BSL-1 viral vector for efficientl delivery to most cell types. Purified BacMam, AAV, Lenti vectors by request.

  • Single-channel readout is detectable on standard fluorescence plate readers or imaging systems.
  • Robust expression in wide variety of cell types
  • Combine with Gs/Gq assay for calcium signaling specificity
  • Can be targeted to mitochondria or other microdomains

Bright Red & Green Fluorescent Calcium Sensors

  • Genetically encoded for low toxicity
  • Real-time kinetic readout
  • Robust expression in variety of cell types

Multiplex Ca2+Assays

Easily combine red or green GECO sensors with other GPCR sensors to measure multiple pathways simultaneously

Simple Protocol

    • Minimal liquid handling
    • No cell lysis
    • Single channel detection


“Assay is working beautifully with cardiomyocytes, showing a strong and immediate response.”

Kit Werley

Harvard University / Q-State Biosciences

“Expression in human islets is pretty superb, after 18 hours of incubation. An excellent probe!”

Dr. Andrei Tarasov

Oxford Center for Diabetes

GPCR Biology

Increase your understanding of drug effects and GPCR biology with bright fluorescent assays for Gs, Gi, and Gq signaling in living cells.

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