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Live Cell cGMP Assays

Detect cGMP signaling with GENIe

  • GENIe is a genetically-encoded fluorescent cGMP assay 
  • Measure cGMP signaling in real time with a single sensor
  • Study cGMP production or PDE inhibition
  • Screen for PDE inhibitors
  • Examine PDE Biology
  • Monitor fluorescence changes on automated plate readers or imaging systems
  • Packaged in BacMam for robust mammalian cell expression
GENIe responding to 30μM SNP in HEK293 cells.

GENIe is a downward sensor, with bright initial green fluorescence that decreases in response to increased intracellular cGMP. As a single-color biosensor it can be combined with red fluorescent sensors to monitor simultaneous signals in the same cells or wells.


PDE Selectivity Assays

  • Examine cAMP and cGMP responses to PDE inhibitors
  • Examine PDE selectivity
  • More information can be found in PDE Biology

Simple protocol:

Provided online is a simple cGMP assay protocol, with no need for co-factors, cell lysis, or complex liquid handling.

GENIe – cGMP Assay Posters

PDE Specificity Illuminated: Monitoring cGMP and cAMP Levels in Living Cells

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