cADDis: Live Cell cAMP Assay

Detect Gs or Gi signaling with cADDis

• Use cADDis to measure cAMP through Gs or Gi signaling in real time with a single sensor.

• Plate reader or imaging system compatible

Screening in disease relevant cells

Genetically encoded sensor packaged in a variety of vectors for robust expression in any cell type.

Multiplex Assays

Combine red and green sensors to measure multiple GPCR pathways simultaneously

A robust and versatile cAMP assay kit:

cADDis is a genetically-encoded fluorescent cAMP assay that detects changes in cAMP in real time.

• Screen Gs or Gi-coupled GPCRs in living cells
• Viral vector delivery to practically any cell type
• Target to microdomains or specific cells in mixed cultures

cADDis cAMP assay performance:

Off the shelf kits include the cAMP sensor in BacMam, a BSL-1 viral vector for efficiently deliver to most cell types. Purified BacMam, AAV, Lenti vectors by request.

• Easily detectable on plate readers or imaging systems.
• Controllable expression in BacMam vector.
• High signal to noise ratio

Simple protocol:

Provided online is a simple cAMP assay protocol, with no need for co-factors, cell lysis, or complex liquid handling.
Text and video protocol online
• No lysis or complex liquid handling
• Single channel, non-FRET signal

Recent Publications

New DAG and cAMP Sensors Optimized for Live-Cell Assays in Automated Laboratories

J Biomol Screen 1087057115618608, first published on December 11, 2015 as doi:10.1177/1087057115618608

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Assay for Detecting Gαi-Mediated Decreases in cAMP in Living Cells

First Published July 10, 2018 Research Article Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening DOI: 10.1177/2472555218786238

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Cilia have high cAMP levels that are inhibited by Sonic Hedgehog-regulated calcium dynamics

PNAS November 15, 2016 113 (46) 13069-13074; published ahead of print October 31, 2016

NMDAR-independent, cAMP-dependent antidepressant actions of ketamine

Molecular Psychiatry. April 2, 2018.

Phenylephrine, a common cold remedy active ingredient, suppresses uterine contractions through cAMP signalling

Scientific Reports Aug. 2018

cADDis – cAMP Assay Application Notes