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cADDis: Live Cell Assays for cAMP

Detect Gs or Gi signaling with cADDis, our cAMP Assay

  • Use cADDis to measure cAMP through Gs or Gi signaling in real time with a single sensor
  • Plate reader or imaging system compatible

Measure cAMP through Gs or Gi Signaling in Real Time with a Single Sensor


  • Quantify kinetics of cyclic AMP signaling in living cells.
  • Measure cAMP for many hours with minimal loss of sensor signal.
  • Robust expression in practically any cell type.

Quantify cAMP Kinetics Precisely


  • Changes over time reflect biological signaling mechanisms (rather than technical artifacts like sensor decay).
  • Quantify signaling mechanisms by curve fitting time course data (see here for example report).
  • In the example below we quantify the signal generation rate, signal decline resulting from desensitization, and late stage decline (likely resulting from peptide ligand degradation).

Your endpoint assays are missing important information. Measuring kinetics with our live-cell assays can reveal it.


  • Signaling dynamics of multiple drug compounds
  • Different dynamics of cAMP generation by β2 adrenergic receptor agonists
  • Clenbuterol and salbutamol generate cAMP more slowly and clenbuterol desensitizes receptor more slowly

A Robust & Versatile cAMP Assay Kit

Simple Protocol

    • Minimal liquid handling
    • No cell lysis
    • 96 or 384 well compatible
    • Single channel, non-FRET signal

GPCR Assay Services

Go from hit to lead faster with compound profiling assays that capture GPCR signaling dynamics in living cells. Our unique biosensor-based discovery platform quantifies multiple signaling parameters in real time to enable decisions based on clinically-relevant data. Our fast turnaround time helps reduce the time to the clinic. We will perform experiments to advance your projects and programs, for example by optimizing assays, profiling compounds, exploring mechanisms and kinetically characterizing signaling dynamics.

Check out this Live Cell Imaging video from BioTek Instruments: Kinetic Characterization of Gs- and Gi-dependent regulation of cAMP.

It’s a brief animated presentation demonstrating expression & kinetic monitoring of our fluorescent cADDis cAMP Assay in live cells.



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Increase your understanding of drug effects and GPCR biology with bright fluorescent assays for Gs, Gi, and Gq signaling in living cells.

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