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#U0267G AKAP Targeted cADDis cAMP Sensor – smAKAP (Prototype)


Prototype sensor, please contact us before ordering.

smAKAP-targeted cADDis cAMP sensor. Genetically-encoded and packaged in Montana Molecular’s Big Sky BacMam vector for easy transduction into a wide variety of cell types.


Prototype sensor, please contact us before ordering.

U0267G is a fusion of the complete smAKAP protein and the cADDis biosensor. In HEK293 cells the fluorescence is targeted to the plasma membrane and this sensor responds nicely to isoproterenol stimulation of endogenous β adrenergic receptors.

Measure cAMP signaling in real time, in the living cells of your choice, with the smAKAP-targeted cADDis cAMP sensor. Increase in fluorescence indicates increase in cAMP presence. cADDis is genetically-encoded and packaged in a BacMam viral vector for easy transduction into a wide variety of cell types, including primary and iPSC-derived cell lines. Simply add cADDis to your cells and measure robust signals the very next day on standard fluorescence microscopes and automated plate readers.

Materials in the Kit:

• Green smAKAP-targeted cADDis cAMP sensor BacMam
• Sodium Butyrate, 500 mM in H2O
• β2 Adrenergic Receptor BacMam
• Isoproterenol 10 mM, in 10mM HCl


Small–membrane-AKAP (smAKAP) binds the R1 subunit of PKA and is localized largely to the plasma membrane and filopodia of the cell (Burgers et al., 2012).

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