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Diabetes Research

Gain insight into diabetes disease mechanisms and receptor pharmacology with bright fluorescent biosensor assays. Examine Biased agonism at the GLP-1 and GCGR receptors in cell models and GPCR second messenger signaling in pancreatic islet cells.

GPCR Signaling in Diabetes

Monitor GPCR second messenger signaling kinetics with live-cell, fluorescent GPCR assays. Green and red fluorescent biosensor assays can be combined to detect simultaneous signaling in the same cells or wells. Co-transduce GPCRs like the GLP-1 receptor (#Z0600N), GIP receptor (#Z1600N), and Glucagon receptor (#Z2000N) in cell models of diabetes. Monitor bright fluorescent assay signals on automated plate readers or imaging systems.


Dose-dependent cAMP responses in HEK293 cells co-expressing GLP-1 receptor.

Expression in Pancreatic Islet Cells

Use assay-ready BacMam vectors to express fluorescent biosensors in pancreatic islets and image signaling kinetics. Target expression to specific cell sub-populations with custom promoters. Alternate viral vectors (AV, Lentivirus, AAV) are available by special order as well.

See example research utilizing our assays in pancreatic cell types below:

Pancreatic Cell References
Primary Cultures

Pancreatic Islets (Human)

Pancreatic Islets (Mouse)

α-Cells (Mouse)

Cell Lines

EndoC-βH5 (β-cell model)


INS-1832 (3 insulinoma cells25)



BacMam-mediated cADDis cAMP Sensor expression in a pancreatic islet. Shigeto, et al. 2016.

GLP-1R and GCGR Arrestin Recruitment

Two GPCRs relevant to diabetes signaling pathways – GLP-1R and GCGR – are now available as Borealis arrestin kits! Use cADDis cAMP and Borealis arrestin assays to examine receptor pharmacology in cell models.

Borealis Arrestin GLP-1 receptor kits include the Green fluorescent arrestin sensor, GLP-1R, and GRK 5 packaged in BacMam.

Borealis Arrestin Glucagon receptor kits include Green fluorescent arrestin sensor and GCGR packaged in BacMam.

Gain pharmacological insights from the kinetic data provided by these assays by using Pharmechanics’ Time Course Tool Pack.



Dose-dependent arrestin recruitment data collected by the Borealis Arrestin sensor in HEK 293T cells.

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