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Cell Painting Tools (Paints)

Green and Red fluorescent proteins targeted to subcellular domains

Montana Molecular’s cell painting tools – Paints – are a suite of fluorescent proteins targeted to subcellular domains. These tools utilize fluorescent proteins to visualize cellular structures, allowing researchers to study cell morphology, protein interactions, and cellular processes. In the context of drug discovery and disease research, use Paints to investigate drug effects, monitor of metabolic activities, and identify of disease-associated phenotypes.

  • Packaged in a BacMam viral vector for consistent, titratable expression in a wide range of cell types – including many primary and iPSC cultures
  • Easily co-transduce red and green fluorescent Paints, biosensors, and other BacMam-packaged constructs
  • No fixation required


Red NSLPaint co-transduced with Green MitoPaint

A co-transduction of Green MitoPaint (#P1010G) and Red NLSPaint (#P1020R) in HEK293 cells

Mitochondria Cell Painting (MitoPaint)

mNeon Green and Montana Paintbrush Red fluorescent proteins targeted to the mitochondria using the Cox8 motif.



Red MitoPaint (#P1010R) Expressed in HEK293s

Green MitoPaint (#P1010G) Expressed in HEK293s

Nucleus Cell Painting (NLSPaint)

Montana Paintbrush Red fluorescent protein targeted to the nucleus using an NLS targeting motif. A green version is available as well.



Red NLSPaint (#P1020R) Expressed in HEK293s

Untargeted Fluorescent Proteins

Untargeted red and green fluorescent proteins that provide cytosolic expression. These tools are well suited to optimizing transduction conditions and instrumentation settings.

Montana Paintbrush RFP expressed in HEK293 cells

Untargeted Montana Paintbrush (#P1000R) expressed in HEK293 cells.

Untargeted mNeon Green (#P1000G) expressed in HEK293 cells.

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