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We have some great and informative posters available. Send us an email by clicking on the button below, let us know the title you’re interested in and we’ll send you a PDF copy!

〉PDE specificity illuminated- Monitoring cGMP and cAMP Levels in Living Cells

〉New Fluorescent Tools to Monitor Cell Stress & Toxicity

〉Measuring dynamic and real-time cAMP levels using cADDis, a live-cell indicator for Gs and Gi signaling

〉Automated fluorescent imaging of GPCR dependent second-messenger systems

〉GPCR Signal deconvolution: new sensors to enable agonist bias detection in living cells

〉TRPC6 inactivation kinetic is independent from the rate of DAG decay

〉A baculovirus-based fluorescent cAMP sensor for robust, GPCR assay in living cells

〉Robust, fluorescent cAMP assays for detecting Gi and Gs-coupled GPCR signals in living cells

〉Viral delivery of new biosensors for voltage and cAMP signaling

〉Examining Gs and Gi interactions in living cells with cADDis, a novel fluorescent sensor for cAMP