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GPCRs in BacMam

We have a growing catalog of GPCRs packaged in a modified Baculovirus vector, BacMam. BacMam transduction is a low-cost, effective method to express GPCRs in your cells of interest, including in primary and iPSC derived cells. See low cell-to-cell variability in expression, get consistent results from experiment to experiment, and titrate expression to your desired level. If your GPCR is not listed, please see the Custom Projects section below .

GPCR Catalog

*These contain a constitutively expressed, nuclear targeted, red or green fluorescent protein. This fluorescent protein is a bicistronic transcript and does not alter the sequence of the GPCR.

Simple Protocol

Custom Projects

 Your GPCR of interest isn’t listed? Or you have a specific modification in mind? We are more than happy to discuss your project with you. Send an email to

Some common additions to receptors include:

  • Constitutively expressed fluorescent proteins or fluorescent tags on GPCRs
  • Genetic targeting to microdomains within the cell (pictured: Plasma Membrane-targeted cADDis cAMP Sensor)
  • Cell-specific promoters or Cre-inducible systems to target cellular subpopulations

Pair with a GPCR Signaling Assay

To look at receptor signaling, our GPCR second messenger sensors can be transduced along with your receptor. More information on our Gs, Gi, and Gq signaling assays can be found on our GPCR Technology Page