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Fluorescent Biosensors for Live Cell Discovery

Montana Molecular develops fluorescent biosensors and reporters for drug discovery and research in living cells. Our products help scientists observe and measure cell processes that are important in maintaining health and treating disease. Our team is focused on creating breakthrough innovations that empower scientists and lead to better therapeutic treatments for disease.  

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“The best thing about Montana Molecular’s biosensors has been the ease of use. My lab has already been doing live cell imaging, mostly free Ca2+.  All we had to do is to infect the cells and use the same microscope set-up to gather data on PIP2, DAG and cAMP.”

Vladlen Z Slepak, PhD
University of Miami School of Medicine

“We were impressed how MM scientists helped us generously to reach our goals to monitor DAG changes and to consider new approaches to develop and exploit sensing molecules. Recently, MM has helped us design and build BaculoViruses to express and manipulate important proteins in a variety of cells that interest us. Again, we have been delighted by the competence of MM scientists, the reliability of the products we received, and the pleasure that MM scientists show in accomplishing great science in collaboration.”

Donald W. Hilgemann, Ph.D.
Roy & Christine Sturgis Chair in Biomedical Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center

GPCR Biology

Increase your understanding of drug effects and GPCR biology with bright fluorescent assays for Gs, Gi, and Gq signaling and arrestin recruitment in living cells.

Product Applications


Express bright fluorescent biosensors for cell stress and signaling with your neurodegenerative-associated protein of interest in your favorite neuronal culture or cell line.


Diabetes Research

Gain insight into diabetes disease mechanisms and GLP-1 receptor pharmacology with bright fluorescent biosensor assays.



Optically elevate intracellular cAMP, measure changes in cAMP and calcium, and create excitable HEK cells.


Drug Discovery & Screening

Optimize your leads, run second order screens, conduct SAR studies, and introduce drug targets to your cells.


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