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Phosphodiesterase Biology

Cyclic GMP is an important second messenger in many cellular processes, including phototransduction, smooth muscle relaxation, and synaptic plasticity. GENIe is a genetically-encoded fluorescent assay that detects cGMP signaling in living cells. The assay can be used to determine the specificity of PDE inhibitors. GENIe can be combined with different colored sensors to measure multiple signals simultaneously. The fluorescence decreases in response to increasing levels of cGMP, and can be readily detected on fluorescence microscopes and automated fluorescence plate readers.

IBMX, the non-selective PDE inhibitor, raises both cAMP and cGMP levels.

Comparing the cADDis and GENIe assays makes it possible to identify selective PDE inhibitors.

PDE Selectivity Assay

Green GENIe – for cGMP

Red cADDis – for cAMP

  • Study cGMP production or PDE inhibition
  • Measure kinetic response in living cells.
  • Available in BacMam vectors for efficient delivery to primary and iPSC cultures.
  • Monitor fluorescence changes on automated plate readers or imaging systems.

Monitor cGMP production or phosphodiesterase inhibition in living cells