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Agilent BioTek Webinar: Biosensors for Cell Signaling

August 31, 2022 - 6pm CET | 5pm GMT |12 pm EDT | 9 am PDT


This webinar will highlight the technological tips and tricks to obtain high quality, high throughput kinetic data on BioTek plate readers, with biosensors for G-protein-coupled receptor second messengers and arrestin recruitment. It will also describe how to analyze signaling dynamics by applying curve fitting to the time course data. This analysis is straightforward, and will provide a plug-in for the curve-fitting program GraphPad Prism to enable analysis with familiar software. This reveals new insights exemplified by differential signaling kinetics and arrestin recruitment mechanisms for multiple GPCRs.

This free webinar will provide you with:

  • Tips and tricks to obtain high quality, high throughput kinetic data on BioTek plate readers
  • How to analyze signaling dynamics by applying curve fitting to the time course data
  • Curve-fitting plug-in for Prism

Key Speakers

Luciana Leo PhD

Scientist II Montana Molecular

Luciana is a scientist at Montana Molecular with over a decade of experience in laboratory research. She specializes in the pharmacology of G-Protein Coupled Receptors and is responsible for development and optimization of fluorescent biosensors to measure intracellular signaling in live-cell assays. Luciana received her PhD from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where she studied biased signaling at G-protein Coupled Receptors that respond to cannabinoids. During that time, she characterized the signaling profile of novel cannabinoid receptor ligands and discovered a molecular mechanism behind biased signaling at the CB1 receptor. Her research experience includes molecular pharmacology, drug discovery and development of cell-based assays. Luciana is committed to developing new and improved tools for scientific research that provide an accurate, robust and translatable analysis of cellular signaling events.

Sam Hoare PhD

Pharmechanics & Montana Molecular

Sam is a pharmacology data analyst and the founder of Pharmechanics LLC, a consultancy and data analysis company supporting pharmaceutical, life science and academic scientists in the development of new therapeutics and the understanding of receptor systems. Sam is an industry pharmacologist with 20 years’ experience who consults with numerous pharma and biotech companies in understanding and applying pharmacology data to advance drug discovery. He is known for demystifying newly-emerging pharmacology concepts, enabling them to be applied by project teams in optimizing new molecules. He specializes in kinetic analysis of drug action, applying binding kinetics to the development of effective therapeutics, particularly GPCR antagonists. Before founding Pharmechanics, he was a pharmacology leader in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years at Neurocrine Biosciences, guiding the in vitro biology for numerous drug discovery campaigns.

With great appreciation, we thank our friends at Agilent for producing this webinar