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c-Myc – Yamanaka Factors – #Y0030N



Sequence confirmed c-Myc in BacMam



c-Myc plays an important role in stem cell biology and was one of the original Yamanaka factors used to reprogram somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells.  Some groups use a mutant form of c-Myc that is constitutively active (Stadtfeld et al., 2008).  However the c-Myc packaged in BacMam here is the standard sequence used in Yamanaka’s original work, which can be viewed at Addgene (


Advantages to using BacMam for Yamanaka Factor expression:
  • Adjust the expression levels of the factors by simply adjusting the amount of the BacMam you add to the culture.
  • Adjust the relative amounts of  transcription factor expression  by adjusting the ratio of the different amounts of the different BacMam viruses you add.
  • Transduce the cells multiple times, over multiple days, to produce prolonged expression.
  • The BacMam vector produces transient, integration free expression.
  • BacMam vectors are shelf stable in the refrigerator for over a year.
  • BacMam vectors are cost effective.  Each of our products contains 10 mls of virus at 2 * 10e10 viral genes per ml, exceeding competitors Lentivirus products by orders of magnitude.

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