cGMP Assay

Cyclic GMP is an important second messenger in many cellular processes, including phototransduction, smooth muscle relaxation, and synaptic plasticity. This cGMP assay is unique in that it detects cell signaling in living cells and can be targeted to specific populations of cells in mixed cultures. The assay can also be used to ascertain the specificity of PDE inhibitors. The fluorescent sensor used in the assay described here utilizes one fluorescent protein, so it can be combined with different colored sensors to measure multiple signals simultaneously. The fluorescence of this sensor decreases in response to increasing levels of cGMP, and can be readily detected on fluorescence microscopes and automated fluorescence plate readers.

Our green fluorescent cyclic GMP sensor in HEK293 cells responding to Sodium Nitroprusside (SNP)

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cGMP BacMam Kits

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Plate Reader or Microscope Compatible

Bright Green Fluorescence Response

Detect cell signaling in living cells

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 cGMP Assay Protocol

Read about BacMam expression in different cell types


J. Quinn, P. Tewson, S. Martinka, K. Harlen, T. Hughes, A.M. Quinn. PDE Specificity Illuminated: Monitoring cGMP and cAMP Levels inLiving Cells. SLAS 2018 Poster

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In your cGMP Assay Kit:

  • 10, 30, or 60 mL of Sensor
  • HDAC Inhibitor (Sodium Butyrate)
  • Positive Control (sGC)

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