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Neurogenin 2 – #Y0060N


Neurogenin 2

Sequence confirmed Neurogenin 2 in BacMam

Neurogenin 2 expression has been used to cause iPSC cells to differentiate into neurons.  Expressed in fibroblasts, it can also cause transdifferentiation into neuron-like cells (Hulme et al., 2022)Most studies have delivered Neurogenin 2 with the Lentivirus, but this approach has the inherent drawback of stable expression in the host genome and long term expression of the transcription factor.  One approach to circumvent the long term expression is to fit the Lentivirus vector with doxycycline-inducible expression systems.  However doxycycline has serious effects on mammalian mitochondria function (Moullan et al., 2015)BacMam delivery of Neurogenin 2 is a cost effective, simple way to circumvent these drawbacks. The reference sequence is NM_024019.4


  • Adjust the expression levels by simply adjusting the amount of the BacMam you add to the culture.
  • Adjust the relative amounts of transcription factor expression  by adjusting the ratio of the different amounts of the different BacMam viruses you add.
  • Transduce the cells multiple times, over multiple days, to produce prolonged expression.
  • The BacMam vector produces transient, integration free expression.
  • BacMam vectors are shelf stable in the refrigerator for over a year.
  • BacMam vectors are cost effective.  Each of our products contains 10 mls of virus at 2 * 10e10 viral genes per ml, exceeding competitors Lentivirus products by orders of magnitude.

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